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SheetWise develops applications using the Microsoft family of products.  Client and Server applications are Microsoft specific.  Client Internet access is not platform specific.

Custom Libraries for:
FedEX (Shipping), UPS (Shipping), USPS (Postage, Parcel), Concord (processing), DPI (processing), PACER (U.S. Courts), DrawServer (RNG IBM 4758) and several proprietary pseudo RNG algorithms, GPS (mapped to Zip, Area Code, City, State, Graphic), Search Bots, Playing Card shufflers/emulators, E-Commerce server, Remote Order and Delivery menus, Credit/Debit Cards, ACH Batch Processing, Medical Claim forms, MLM Accounting, Engines for all popular casino games, Printing Imposition, Roll Conversion, Process Material Cost Calculators, Proprietary Encryption algorithms, Promotion Validations, Bar Coding, Labeling, Routing, Heat Gain calculations, Thermocouple interfaces, Parallax Boards and software.
These represent just some of the custom libraries we have developed over the years.  We also have hundreds of user interfaces and middleware components to assist in the rapid development of software solutions.

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