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SheetWise was started as a joint venture for software development between Gregg Lowney and several of his clients in 1987.  Through SheetWise they were able to bring together diverse players in the graphics industry -- and focus on developing markets for outsourcing applications the company had developed.  Gregg has his roots in production, gaming, accounting and promotional software.  Since the emergence of the Internet SheetWise has developed relationships with a wide range of clients in diverse fields such as mechanics, finance, investment, law, retail, energy, shipping, import/export, labor, security and investigations.

A programmer for over 30 years, Gregg has spent over 25 years developing and integrating software solutions for various client industries, including printing, publishing, gaming, audio, banking, solar energy, Internet and e-commerce (see project list).  Specializing in production analysis and software development, Gregg has pioneered work in several distributed computing applications and communication protocols.

Today SheetWise is a library of software applications held by Gregg and several of his programming partners. 

Gregg Lowney 

The created cannot be greater than its creator.

 - Common Law


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