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SheetWise specializes in problem solving.  We draw upon our years of real world experience and close relationships with business partners and associates.  Our job is to ask the questions a vendor may fail to ask -- and then to define and/or implement working solutions.  With you as our guide, we can approach your business opportunity or problem without any preconceptions or one-dimensional solutions.

About programming Projects.  Developing software for specific applications requires a clear objective and well defined expectations.  SheetWise welcomes the opportunity to review your project to see if it is within our scope -- and, quite frankly, for both of us to decide if we want to work together.  Difficult problems generally don't have clear cut solutions -- but sometimes answers are obvious, and code simply needs to be provided.  Some of our best programming projects have identified problems that were nearly universal, and our clients have taken their solution to the market.

Automation is a combination of hardware and intelligence -- and the objective is to empower, replace, or enhance your workforce.  Feel free to contact us, and let's discuss your project.


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