R h e t t**L o w n e y
As most who are starting out and searching the possibilities, I dabbled in many tangents of different enterprises.

My first career work was in printing, where I spent five years handling everything from layout, print / imaging, compiling and the finish bindery to create a wide range of products for a variety of companies. Products such as business proposals, paper back books, flyers, business cards, car decaling, labels, stickers, shirts, cups, hats, and many more, with a full grasp from concept to end product.

I then turned my interests to the restaurant industry, expediency service with a smile to ambience coordinator of a fine dinning establishment. Culinary experience, seafood, wine, live entertainment and general floor management with restaurant financing.

There was some spent in retail, professional and consumer electronics, person-to-person sales, telemarketing and construction.

Throughout I had spent some time with video, audio, graphics or web development. The overall psychological understanding of people, how to target them, and the creative aspects of media led to media production projects like CD's, DVD's, commercials, presentations, media conversion, graphic design and web development. I have worked in linear and non-linear formats with video deck and computer generated video and editing. With audio I have used reel-to-reels, DAT, ADAT, cassette, and digital audio like ( midi, wave, mp3 ).

All of these have taught me an understanding of people and how to motivate them in a single direction.