See examples and creation of Raven Stones abstract art. Everything from bleed paintings, to centrifugal records and canvas', all to tell an abstract story.
Tim Todd is a world class violinist and arranger. Within this site you can listen, learn, and recieve lots of wonderful music for only a small contribution to the artist.
Dave Kennedy helped revolutionize the music industry. Owning the first multi-track recorders, including the MR70. Dave also played almost every instrument creating a one man orchestra. He did jingles, scores, recorded Presidents, Mayors, found new artists and was a record comapny too.
David B. Tait was Tait Solar, a solar testing and analysis firm, dedicated to answering companies questions as to better angles, glazing, U-factors, fenestration, and a multitude of other custom projects and answers.
A web show about erie historical locations with wicked mysteries. Delve deeper into the unknown.
A business platform featuring programing services, with an emphises on printing and design. Also featuring a software program that does estimating & accounting for printers.